March 28, 2011

Etsy for Hair Accessories!

As I wait for Baby to fall asleep in my lap I rifled through the pages of Etsy's on line offerings. I could probably spend just as much time looking for things I never knew I needed on the site as I would at a fabric store. TROUBLE.  Thus far I have resisted as I have no events to prepare for (phew!) and no steady stream of income for frivolous flights of fancy. In the meantime a girl can dream, right? 

I came across peony bridal hair accessories and have no idea why I didn't look into this for my wedding since my bridesmaids and I carried peonies. Thinking back, it would have taken away from the smattering of East Indian details with the one-shouldered gowns they rocked down the aisle, so that might be why. Anyway there are thousands of listings for bridal hair flowers, but Pink Peppermint Design and Deeds and Petunia are my favorites at this time.

I've seen tutorials on making something like this as long as you can find the right kind of fabric flower to take apart. You'd also have to have a vintage or knock off cluster of something shiny to put in the center.  If you're not crafty or short on time, why not support the experts on Etsy who know what they're doing? 

**I haven't purchased anything from either vendor so this is just by listing description and photo**

Stunning XL Cream Vintage Peony Women and Girl's Silk Flower Hair Clip with Multi Swaroski Crystal Center
Pink Peppermint Designs on Etsy is offering this vintage flower for $13.95

Deeds and Petunia on Etsy sells this one for $58 with a vintage detail in the center
As always, thoughts welcome.


  1. cute!
    i call the fabric store "the crack house" for a reason...

  2. I'm trying to hold of until I finish making some pillows, a sham for Baby B's room, a dress and outdoor cushion covers before going back... yeah right!