December 30, 2008

151 Days to Go

The dresses were a bit more orange in person
I have entered the 6 month frenzy.  I ordered bridesmaid dresses yesterday from House of Brides in Chicago.  All the girls are wearing Coral Bari Jay Style 810.  The final dresses will flatter all their body types and work with the overall East Indian/American wedding look.  While I was at the dress shop, I found my new favorite accessory. I resisted the impluse purchase since it was silver and rhinestones and there's NO silver on my dress. I am going to look for something similar in gold and will post when I find it (or make it myself?)

This week we have to finalize a tasting menu so that we can go next week with MOG and my parents and Groom to try out a few things.  We're hosting the reception at a Spanish tapas place and until recently have been gung ho about the traditional menu option for some reason.  I am hoping that can morph into a tapas meal instead.   

Next on the list- Invitations and Tuxedo hunting...I might want to nail down my accessories while I'm at it too. 

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