March 23, 2011

Cake Pops

A friend posted cake pops inspired by Bakerella that she made on Facebook almost two months ago. I was inspired to try making them myself.  While I was not successful at getting the cakey goodness to stay on a stick for very long, I have found a new thing to do with left over birthday cake. I ended up making cake balls and they were just as yummy.

Mine were lemon cake with cream cheese frosting dipped in vanilla melting chocolate. I am definitely making something like this again but would probably roll them a bit smaller since they are quite decadent. I don't know that I ever want to make something super fancy like Bakerella, BUT it can't hurt to have goals, right? If anyone has any tricks on getting them to stay on a stick, let me know.

These would be very sweet wrapped in cellophane as gifts for your attendants or smaller pops for your child attendants (maybe as a bribe to get them to make the hike down the aisle?). I think they'd also be adorable as favors for a shower, birthday party, reception, etc. Baby B's birthday isn't until the fall, so I have plenty of practice between now and then.

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