April 4, 2011

Making Room for Baby in the Kitchen!?!??!

Over the door canvas organizer available at Target

Husband and I have a lot of stuff. Then along came Baby so our stuff exponentially multiplied. I keep trying to go through and recycle, donate, and toss (as much as I don't like to throw things away) in spurts. Now that Baby's eating solid foods, we added utensils, food storage and baby food to her bottles, milk storage and more milk storage supplies. This meant the dog and cat treats and meds had to move..along with plastic bags and wipes and sun screens and you get the point.

Anyways, in my quest to make room for Baby in our kitchen, I decided to contain it in a 'pretty' way or at the very least fun and functional way.  The door into our kitchen lines up with our basement door so I thought this would be a good out of the way place to start to stow all those things that we need, but don't need in the kitchen and don't have space for anywhere else.

This was probably the easiest project I've tackled in a while. I printed out a bunch of categories on 4" circle labels from Paper Source and then cut out rectangles from my favorite colorful Harney and Sons and Paper Source catalogs.  I used bulldog clips that I had a stockpile of because of my obsession with office supplies. Here's a partial list of categories I used:

I used circle labels and cut up catalog pages as backgrounds
Dog Meds
Cat Meds
Dog Treats
Cat Treats
Husband Sunglasses
EB Sunglasses
Husband Hat/Gloves
EB Hat/Gloves
Freezer Bags
Storage Bags
Plastic Bags
Hand Sanitizer
Snacks (on the go!)
Citronella Candles

For those of you who require more flexibility and like uniformity, you could cut up decorative paper to use as backgrounds for labels made out of index cards. Then you could switch them up whenever you wanted.  For the Green Mom, take scraps of wrapping paper and attach to cardboard/carton/milk jug pieces. Large paper clips and clothes pins might work too, but I like the clips. We'll see if I feel the same way once Baby starts walking.

As always, thoughts welcome!


  1. This is great! Simple, pretty and effective (my new catch word). I think I may be trying this myself on the basement door! Excellent idea.

  2. I bet you could use all those Target Gift Cards you're stocking up on to get the over the door organizer...it comes in three colors, I think.

  3. i love this! i got a fabulous advent calendar last Christmas from my oldest sister-in-law and after all the treats were done i have all my yarn organized in the over-the-door rack.