February 17, 2011

Spit Happens

This morning started out like most others. I woke up to find Baby fussing because she's run out of crib corners to explore (wiggling on her back - no wonder she's got a bald spot).  She's hungry, so we go downstairs to start our day. I turned on the news and proceeded to nurse. No big deal.

When it was time to burp, Baby let out a little one and smirked. She opened her mouth and let everything fly. And I mean FLY. There was spit up in my hair, all over my favorite long sleeved green thermal tee. She soaked me through not one, but two layers down to my skin. A portion of it somehow went whirring past my shoulder, slid down Husband's favorite chair and found a soft landing on the throw pillow. She's never done this before. I remembered reading about projectile vomit, the last time I thought she was spitting up excessively. Projectile vomit means she might be sick or could get dehydrated. What if she's sick? She can't have electrolytes, can she?

I called Pediatrician and thought she'd tell me to wait and watch.  Instead, she asked that I bring baby in since she's only 4 months and not that big. I'm going through all the what ifs in my head, but must say that I was not nearly as panicked I feel like I should have been. No hysteria or excessive worrying. I found myself functioning at a new level of efficiency, however. I was able to get the two of us ready including a shower for myself  in less than an hour. A new Eclectic Mom record.

Pediatrician saw us almost immediately. I'd like to think because Baby was possibly so ill, but really I think it is because no one else was there.  Either way, great service. After her examination and a few questions she informs me that it was, "no big deal, spit happens." Phew. 

Next up...Solid Foods. Wish us luck!

February 13, 2011

Can't Hardly Wait...

Baby's been successfully thriving outside my body for 4 months as of today. That is crazy. She's gone from a peanut who barely opened her eyes to a gurgling and giggling baby. A real person with an emerging personality. So far, she appears to have an easy temperament. She only fusses when she's overtired or really hungry. She's pretty chatty or observant of the world around her otherwise. I am convinced it is God's way of making sure we give her a sibling.

Husband and I dread the days she's going to tell us she hates us or that her 'real parents would never...' which is a statement Husband frequently used growing up. (He grew up with his real parents, for the record as did I and as will Baby, but that's another story). Occasionally he'll say, "I can't wait until she..." and I think to myself,

This has gone by so quickly already. I want to wait as long as possible.

Not that I want to keep her a baby forever, BUT I am in no hurry for her to eat solids, walk, talk, run, go to school, grow up, get married and all that other growing up stuff. I am trying desperately to enjoy her now because I know I won't ever get it back. She's meeting all her developmental milestones like a champ. Every few days she does something new like grasp her hands together, hold her head up or roll over. At 24", she's almost outgrown my lap lengthwise which has made nursing interesting. Not so much her height but her strength is making it difficult to contain her when it is time for bed. She's able to squirm out of my lap if I'm not holding on carefully.

I look forward to future milestones intellectual, social and developmental, but I can more than wait for those days.

February 8, 2011

Teething Already?

Baby may have started teething at 15 weeks. She was fussing and was clearly tired, but not sleeping. I rocked her in the crook of my leg to put her to sleep around 8 pm. One hand on her head, one finger in her hand and usually a blanket over her head. (I'm slowly turning into my own parents). She wasn't having any of it. So I put her up on my shoulder to try to let some air out thinking it might be gas. Nope, she just head butted me in my nose and chin. Ouch. 

Next I tried singing the alphabet song as it is her favorite. It worked for a little while. She was blowing spit bubbles and drooling. A lot. It was kind of gross, actually. Then she must have remembered the pain because she started wailing with real tears. The tears got bigger and flowed more freely while the wailing increased in volume. She wasn't sobbing yet, just screaming. Loudly. Yikes!

She proceeded to shove her hands in her mouth which is mostly normal, but I'd never seen her try both at once and clamp down. I massaged her gums with my fingertips and that appeased her. For like a minute. More real tears and screaming. My kid's not a crier. 

I fetched the teething rings that have been waiting patiently in the freezer since the first of the year. They were a bit big, but the nubby plastic with ice inside seemed to soothe her little puffy gums. She was was quiet for a few minutes. Then back to wailing. Progress.

It's 11 pm and I'd done everything I knew how to do. At this point the only thing I could think of was to call my parents. As much as I didn't want to admit that I couldn't do something, I know when I need to ask for help. My dad answered and immediately offered to come over. She's just teething, no fever, no vomiting or anything scary like that. I just don't know how to get her to STOP CRYING! He woke up my mom who goes to bed at like 9. She asks if I've nursed, rocked her, sang to her, gave her a teething ring. I forget that I've just told my dad that we've done all this but apparently he didn't update her on the situation. I really just wanted to know how much Tylenol I can give her. Or should I call the doctor? She continues with massage, wet washcloth, or just talking to her since she might have missed me today, etc. My increased annoyance is  evident in my voice. Seriously? 

At this point, I've woken up Husband by yelling. (I'm downstairs, he's upstairs). My mom finally answers my question and I let her know that I will call back in a little while with an update. In the meantime, Husband found the drops and we gave her a tiny bit to hopefully reduce the pain for the night. She happily lapped up her cherry flavored medicine and calmed down. Fussing ensues, but at least it isn't crying. This might work!

I went back to singing and talking with her to calm her down. She was still fussing, so I nursed her for a few minutes. She fell asleep on her own! She woke up when I sneezed (did I mention I'm getting sick?) but fell back asleep and is generating that very snuggly baby heat. She's still sleeping in my lap as I type. Success!

I'm hoping she sleeps through the night. Thankfully I'm home for the next two days and not leaving the house. It's supposed to be below zero. Lots of orange juice for me and plenty of chilled chew toys for Baby.

February 1, 2011

Back to Basics...wedding stuff

Cadiz12 is planning her wedding to H while working full time. She's got the basics down, but is a self proclaimed procrastinator. Since I'm not working full time yet and itching to work on some kind of project, I've adopted her wedding (as long as she lets me, that is).

Recently we were talking about what to do about the 'Getaway' or the post ceremony toss of stuff. You know that time after the ceremony where guests line up, blow bubbles, throw rice, birdseed, shaped sugar heart rice or even light up sparklers. Bubbles may stain clothing and end up in the hands of mostly small children which would detract from the overall effect you may have been aiming for. Contrary to popular belief, birds won't choke on rice; it is more likely your guests will slip and fall. Birdseed can attract birds (and their poop) before your party is over. The sugar rice is a nice alternative in that it dissolves in the rain, but it might just get sticky if thrown indoors. Cadiz informs me that sparklers are illegal in the State of Illinois so that won't work.

I've read about brides using dried flower buds on theknot. Herbs and Flowers have held meaning for various brides around the world. Here's a selected list of flowers/herbs and their meanings from iFlorist:

Almond- Virginity & Fruitfulness
Allspice - Worth Beyond Beauty
Apricot Blossom - Timid Love
Cinnamon - Love and Beauty
Clove - Dignity and Restraint
Fennel - Strength
Jasmine (white) - Amiability & Cheerfulness
Lavender - Constancy
Lotus - Mystery & Truth
Rosemary - Fidelity & Loyalty
Spearmint - Warmth of Sentiment
Tulip - Symbol of Perfect Lover
Yarrow - Healing
Here's the rest of the list

I vote for Dried Jasmine Flower Buds or Lavender Rice both available through wedding/craft vendors on line. Both are inexpensive, smell yummy and organic - no messy clean up! Since she's getting married in the same venue as the reception, guests will be able to enjoy the scent for the evening. Either scent can be incorporated into the rest of wedding details including invitations, flower arrangements, favors and decor quite easily. The jasmine would be a nice nod to Cadiz12's Godmother (my aunt) who is an avid flower gardener. I am leaning towards Jasmine since we are Indian, and not French...not that it would matter either way, because H could be French, but he could also hate Lavender (still waiting for the verdict).

Jasmine can be quite potent so it might be nice to make a blend of dried buds/herbs to create a signature wedding scent. Using a thali, stainless steal platter with raised edges, to display a variety of selected herbs and their meanings, guests could select their own combination of wishes to bestow on the bride and groom. An alternative is to mix them together and indicate on the program what the individual ingredients symbolize. Author, Geraldine Adamich Laufer, wrote a post for Herb Companion that is full of ideas of how to incorporate significant herbs throughout the day from flowers to food and even favors.

We'll see what she thinks.

In the meantime, Baby calls.