September 26, 2008

Post Cards as RSVP?

I've decided to make my own invitations. I'm working out the details and will post them once I have them. In the meantime, I've learned that the minimum post card requirements are 3.5" by 5" according to the USPS. This is very good news since I'm leaning towards a 5" x 7" invitation. This will work out wonderfully with my plans. The only trick is finding the right paper to print it on. Card stock will do, but I'm thinking a photo card of something bright and fun...or on the other hand something nostalgic, like downtown Naperville or the Huskie Mural from the high school we met in. He's not going to like the latter, but maybe I can find a neat detail about our lives to share with our friends and family. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

September 15, 2008

Eco Chic Wedding

Here are some shots from the wedding we attended in Woodland, WA a few weeks ago. They used dahlias direct from a grower in Oregon. It was a laid back formal event, if you can use those terms in the same sentence. The ceremony site was very simpley decorated and had a stunning effect. They used a sage green and black accented with orange to tie everything together. The brides's mother used curly willow from her own backyard to enhance the rustic look of the centerpieces. She used river rocks with potted plants in silver watering can planters. The bride really wanted a goat, so her boss was so kind and got her one...his name is Rocky.

Ring Bearer Dog?

I found an old paisely print bow tie from prom well over a decade ago. Instead of throwing it out, I made it Tucker's new accessory for our big day. Thoughts?

Wedding Planning Software

My Groom is fantastic!!!! I told him I wanted some kind of software to organize the guest list, reception details, ceremony details and attendants...not to mention the tuxes, favors, budget and everything else. He found Elm Software's "I Do" software that is available for a 30 day trial download. We went ahead and got the permanent version since we LOVED it. There are a few things I'm still figuring out and would change, but for the most part it works for what we need it to do. I can assign seats, send out invitations, track gifts and multiple events all in one program.

September 6, 2008


I'm in Woodland, WA for the weekend attending my soon-to-be cousin-in-law's wedding. She's rented out Anderson Lodge for the weekend as a mini end of summer vacation for her friends and family. I'll report on eco chic trends after the weekend's over, but wanted to share this great detail before I forgot! She's using a vintage arch as an entrance to the reception.