June 10, 2008


New favorite for wedding mapping is Wedding Mapper!!! You can set your ceremony & reception venues as well as points of interest for your guests to explore. There's also a DIY feature for printing to include them in your invitations. This is just what I was looking for to create a map for the day. YAY!

June 5, 2008

So Far

I will organize all these thoughts in a much more sensical manner over the coming weeks...however just get you started:

Here's the order I'm approaching this event:

1. Discuss and set a budget together...then do what you need to do to stick to it!

www.theknot.com/budgeter is useful in the determining the traditional breakdown of a wedding. If you're profecient with a spreadsheet software, it will work just as well. If you two haven't talked about finances already, this would be a wonderful time to explore your relationship with money and expectations for the future.

2. Think about how many guests to invite. Make sure you're using the same glossary of terms.

For example: immediate family means 100 people (my parents are each one of six children) to me and it means 5 people to my fiance.

3. Think of the big picture.

Black Tie at the country club or a casual beach or forest preserve wedding? I found it helpful to write down 3-6 words indicating what I wanted our guests to feel/think/see when they walked in the door. Then I asked him to do the same.

4. Solicit specific information from the groom.

My Groom tends to get overwhelmed by the details. I asked him to pick one or two elements that he cared most about: the reception venue and menu. Based on his input about what type of food & cake shape/designs he likes, I can build the rest of the event.

5. Now, with 300 people in attendance, I am NOT trying to spend his money.

I'm always looking for ways to cut back without sacrifcing style. Visit websites through your airlines, credit cards, etc to make purchases to either earn cash back (Chase Leisure Rewards, AmEx, Discover, just to name a few) or miles (American Airlines & United).

June 4, 2008

The Planning Begins

We want the wedding to be formal, classic, fun, thoughtful, and not stuffy. It is important to both of us to celebrate our cultural differences while finding a way to incorporate details to honor our new family. My challenge has been balancing elements that echo (or sometimes scream) the make up of our families.
e·clec·tic [ i kléktik ] adjective


1. varied: made up of parts from various sources
an eclectic collection of paintings

2. choosing from various sources: choosing what is best or preferred from a variety of sources or styles
an eclectic taste in music

[Late 17th century. < Greek eklektikos "picking out, selecting" < eklegein "pick out" < legein "choose"]

e·clec·tic noun
e·clec·ti·cal·ly adverb

Definition courtesy of MSN