March 17, 2011

Fabric Key Chains

One of the girls at work was using stretchy thin elastic around her wrist as a key chain strap. It was really sad.  I offered to make her something sturdier and after doing some research ( I really love Google). I came across Hip Girl Boutique's tutorial on Fabric Key Chains that are really easy to make.

I used cotton webbing and grosgrain ribbon but fabric scraps would work just as easily.  I ordered the webbing and hardware supplies from Crafter's Vision because they were super inexpensive as well as very quick to deliver.

Materials I used:

1.25" Cotton Webbing
1" Grosgrain Ribbon
Double sided fusible interfacing
Key Fob hardware
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine
scrap fabric (to wrap around hardware when clamping)

It took less than an hour from start to finish. I had trouble with clamping the key fob hardware, but that's mostly because I was afraid that I'd break the hardware if I clamped down to hard. I made mine to be 8 inches and it's definitely not going to make it over my knuckles to get to my wrist. I just needed the loop to hang off of my fingers as I'm walking from the car to the house. The ones I make for the girls at work will be 10 inches around since they wear them around quite frequently. Hopefully will get those done in the next day or so. Wish me luck! 

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