July 28, 2008

Craftiness Freezer Paper Stencils Part 1

I spent a week in the woods with very limited access to technology...I had a cell phone only to talk to Groom and to check messages for interviews...speaking of which I have one!!!!

My favorite craft project of the week involved a surprisingly easy method and result in totally adorable t-shirts. Before you begin you need:

1. Freezer Paper (important to be waxy on ONE side only)

2. Exacto blades

3. Pencil to free hand or trace design

4. Cutting Mat

5. Clean paint brushes

6. Fabric paint Dharma Trading Co has starter kits to get you going

7. A T shirt, onsie, or any other fabric to paint

8. An iron

9. Piece of paper-newsprint, construction, whatever you have handy

I'll give you some time to gather the supplies...in the meantime I'll work up a sample with some pictures and show you what I'm working on. Check back in a few days.


  1. very cool. looking forward to seeing the pics!

  2. Congrats on the interview ma'am!