July 9, 2008

Miss Sri Lanka for inspiration!

Miss Sri Lanka 2008 Compeition & Saree Dreams gives me great inspiration. What if I use this strapless top from Eden Bridal with red sari draped the way these ladies did in the competition? It will echo the straplessness of my dress AND still be Indian. I would have them wear the pleats in the center (my gown splits in the center) and then have the fabric drape over their left shoulder as pictured. There was a dress I saw in Chadwick's that was very similar to that look. You don't have to worry about a sari not fitting so we can start shopping!!! I realize the fashion police might have to say otherwise, but it's my day and I'm the one in the big white (ivory) dress!

1 comment:

  1. dude, if it ever happens, you're totally helping me plan my wedding. our ideas are so similar, you just got to do it first!