July 15, 2008

Desi Girl Articles

South Asian Brides are combining their Eastern roots with their Western heritage (side note, East and West are SOOO Christopher Columbus, can we find something new please?). I digress.

Nirali and Sapna have a lot to say about fashion, culture, career and beauty. Nirali has some wonderful articles on beauty tips for the Desi (Indian) bride. The Sapna article talks about South Asian Brides combining elements from both sides of the globe and mixing things in from pretty much anywhere she darn well pleases to plan a day to remember.

I struggle with the excess of the wedding industry and the simplicity of just saying "I Do...now and forever". I am hoping to find that balance as we plan our big day. Groom and I are headed to find out the results of our FOCCUS inventory tonight. Will let you know how that goes tomorrow!


  1. So is it going to be a mixed styles sort of wedding? Your family and friends in Indian themed garb?

  2. You will find the balance, and it will be an incredible wedding!