July 16, 2008

FOCCUS follow up

While this isn't so wedding planning-y, it is an important if not the whole reason one should get married. As it turns out Groom and I are in great shape for getting married according to the FOCCUS inventory and the Deacon at the Catholic Church. While we might not agree, we're compatible on big and small stuff- lifestyle, children, religion, finances, intimacy, career. We're very aware of how we resolve issues that arise between us, accept the other person won't change by walking down an aisle and know one another extremely well. We talked about going to Church and got 'the' lecture from Deacon. I informed him that I generally don't understand what happens and end up asking Groom 1001 questions about the service and the symbolism. To alleviate that issue, Deacon gave me a book called The Catholic Source Book. It's fantastic, easy to read and breaks down the prayers, saints, symbolism, & liturgy.


  1. Congrats on being compatible! :-)

  2. The good ole FOCCUS test...Lengthy, but worth while. I never heard of The Catholic Source Book. I may have to pick one up. Never can stop learning right? Are you guys going to do pre-cana or engagement encounter?

  3. Congrats! Love the blog! Sorry that I haven't checked it before. I will be a better friend from now on!