February 17, 2011

Spit Happens

This morning started out like most others. I woke up to find Baby fussing because she's run out of crib corners to explore (wiggling on her back - no wonder she's got a bald spot).  She's hungry, so we go downstairs to start our day. I turned on the news and proceeded to nurse. No big deal.

When it was time to burp, Baby let out a little one and smirked. She opened her mouth and let everything fly. And I mean FLY. There was spit up in my hair, all over my favorite long sleeved green thermal tee. She soaked me through not one, but two layers down to my skin. A portion of it somehow went whirring past my shoulder, slid down Husband's favorite chair and found a soft landing on the throw pillow. She's never done this before. I remembered reading about projectile vomit, the last time I thought she was spitting up excessively. Projectile vomit means she might be sick or could get dehydrated. What if she's sick? She can't have electrolytes, can she?

I called Pediatrician and thought she'd tell me to wait and watch.  Instead, she asked that I bring baby in since she's only 4 months and not that big. I'm going through all the what ifs in my head, but must say that I was not nearly as panicked I feel like I should have been. No hysteria or excessive worrying. I found myself functioning at a new level of efficiency, however. I was able to get the two of us ready including a shower for myself  in less than an hour. A new Eclectic Mom record.

Pediatrician saw us almost immediately. I'd like to think because Baby was possibly so ill, but really I think it is because no one else was there.  Either way, great service. After her examination and a few questions she informs me that it was, "no big deal, spit happens." Phew. 

Next up...Solid Foods. Wish us luck!

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