February 13, 2011

Can't Hardly Wait...

Baby's been successfully thriving outside my body for 4 months as of today. That is crazy. She's gone from a peanut who barely opened her eyes to a gurgling and giggling baby. A real person with an emerging personality. So far, she appears to have an easy temperament. She only fusses when she's overtired or really hungry. She's pretty chatty or observant of the world around her otherwise. I am convinced it is God's way of making sure we give her a sibling.

Husband and I dread the days she's going to tell us she hates us or that her 'real parents would never...' which is a statement Husband frequently used growing up. (He grew up with his real parents, for the record as did I and as will Baby, but that's another story). Occasionally he'll say, "I can't wait until she..." and I think to myself,

This has gone by so quickly already. I want to wait as long as possible.

Not that I want to keep her a baby forever, BUT I am in no hurry for her to eat solids, walk, talk, run, go to school, grow up, get married and all that other growing up stuff. I am trying desperately to enjoy her now because I know I won't ever get it back. She's meeting all her developmental milestones like a champ. Every few days she does something new like grasp her hands together, hold her head up or roll over. At 24", she's almost outgrown my lap lengthwise which has made nursing interesting. Not so much her height but her strength is making it difficult to contain her when it is time for bed. She's able to squirm out of my lap if I'm not holding on carefully.

I look forward to future milestones intellectual, social and developmental, but I can more than wait for those days.

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  1. i can't believe how much she has grown in four short months. it's amazing.