January 5, 2009

Superstars of Dance??

My new obsession is Superstars of Dance where a random sampling of countries are represented by not so native dancers in all cases.  I am not overly impressed with the quality of the show, but mostly am curious of how Team India will do.   Let me just say, I've personally done better (in my prime) and I've seen better and even choreographed better in some cases.  Can't they cast wider nets for these things? Even look at the already in existence national competitions that Indians have been hosting themselves for well over two decades?  Amrapali Ambegokar (pictured above) is the the Kathak (North Indian classical dancing) dancer.  She's done really well. I am NOT pleased w/ the Bhangra or Bollywood duo.  They all happen to be from California and I think one of them is even a former Miss India- California. Who knew such a competition even existed?  

I digress.  Overall, I'm disappointed thus far with the caliber of talent on Team India. They better bring their A game next week.  I think they've cut the Miss India- California and Girl in Green who were on as the Bollywood duo.  Team Bhangra better practice if they're coming back next week.  I suppose the producers succeeded in getting me to watch and care one way or another. 


  1. the bhangra sucks? that's disappointing.

  2. btw, i tagged you for a meme. no obligations.

  3. The Bhangra Team were all born here (which is fine) and all college students (again, still fine) choreographed by the 'preimier Bollywood instructor' in the country (I have my doubts about that). All in all, there's something very sketchy about Team India.