January 7, 2009

Tasting Results are in!

Last night, Groom, F&MOB and MOG along with Groom's sister went to our tasting at Meson Sabika in Naperville.  Groom and I already love, love, love the food at this place.  We had to choose 10 items from the lists of menus to try out.  We were torn between serving all Tapas and a mix of Tapas and Traditional.  As a group, we decided that if our reception is going to be at a Spanish Tapas restaurant, there better be some Tapas on the table.  We were most surprised by the couscous that is served with the lamb chops.  There was a strong cumin and something else flavor that was just fantastic.  Here are the winners:


Berenjena Con Queso
Grilled eggplant with roasted red peppers, fennel & Spanish onions, asparagus spears, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Pollo Al Curry
Chicken curry salad with grapes & celery

Queso De Cabra 
Oven-baked goat cheese with tomato basil sauce & garlic bread.

Pincho De Solomillo
Beef tenderloin with horseradish sour cream & caramelized red onions


Tilapia Marinada
Marinated Tilapia filet served with sauteed spinach and artichoke hearts with yellow plum tomato vinaigrette & lemon butter sauce.

Lamb Chops
Grilled lamb chops served with couscous, Portobello mushrooms, an onion potato cake and drizzled with an herbed garlic wine sauce

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  1. mmm, i could really go for some tapas right now. especially some ensalada russa, a favorite dish my senora used to make.