December 12, 2008


Two things: We're going to Maui for our honeymoon and as it turns out a picture I took last year when visiting a sorority sister is now on  My picture is number 2 of 8 of the Banyan Tree Park taken while hiking around the park.  So here's why schmap is pretty freaking cool: it's an interactive map of most major cities and hot spots.   There's a desktop version allowing you to plan your trips and share them with your visitors. The wedding guest possibilities are endless. You can make a totally interactive map for your guests so they can check out the destination prior to visiting.  If they're local, they can look at the town from your perspective as a couple.  I'll keep you posted on my schmap as I get closer to the big day. 

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  1. So when did you two decide on Maui? I figured the neo-hubby would put in for a European vacation?