October 7, 2008

English Wedding Traditions

I've been reading up on English wedding traditions to find a way to incorporate the majority of Groom's ethnicity into our wedding plans. I have learned that it is traditional for the bride to receive a decorated horseshoe (a charm might do these days) as a sign of good luck. I think the Irish have borrowed that custom as well (good thing he's part Irish!).
It appears that most English customs are what have influenced American wedding customs, so I probably won't have to do that much by way of finding something 'English'.
My latest dilemma is place cards. I originally planned on just escort cards (the guests need to know where they're sitting, right?) Then I learned that I have to indicate EACH guest's entree preference not how many want what dish by table. So far, my best thought has been to color code the favors. This will be time consuming....so would place cards though. I am guessing I'll just either order square tins for the tea and customize using my computer or use stickers on the back of the escort cards to indicate meal preference. Groom is not a fan of all the stickers I seem to want to use. I think he tunes in and out while I'm talking about these 'problems' in the first place. Any ideas?


  1. Hmm...will the English theme translate to dinner dishes as well? I haven't had blood pudding in years!

  2. We're sticking to steak and chicken for dinner...It's a Spanish restaurant! Why on earth would anyone eat blood pudding is beyond me...but I would imagine there are those who wonder how we eat goat!