October 9, 2008

Bachelorette Party

I apologize for slacking on the posts.  My Bachelorette party is coming up (along with Bridal Shower).  I am hoping to knock them out in one weekend so my traveling friends don't have to travel twice and still get to have fun.   I must say I love being a woman right about now considering that Groom's 1/2 of the bridal party hasn't seem to got their act together for his big night out. It appears he'll be going to Vegas with a few peeps, but no all out bash that a younger version of me might worry about.  At this point, I almost want him to have a big night out so he can just be a dude. I totally trust him (that's why I'm marrying him, among other reasons).  

I digress; My 1/2 of the bridal party kicks arse...but in general women do, don't we? I do not want exotic dancers of any variety and would like to remember the night, those are my top two requests.  In my research, I've found a few places/programs/things of interest:

Pampered Bride is a network of vendors in Chicago that host events for brides to check out local vendors. One of their sponsors is Flirty Girl Fitness with locations in Toronto and Chicago, they're an upscale women's social club. While I have no idea what kind of bachelorette party I have in my future, I know I do NOT want to do things that require a checklist with strangers and shots. Flirty Girl has packages available starting at $40 per person AND you can add on things like manicures and pedicures for an additional fee. You and the girls can take lessons on lap dancing, pole dancing, belly dancing....you get the point. How fun is that? 

There's also Ethyl's Chocolate Lounge, with locations in Nevada (mostly Las Vegas) and Illinois. You and your girls can rent out the whole place and throw a chocolate party complete with truffles, chocolate and cheese fondue! Who doesn't like chocolate? 

I personally like the idea of going to Boys Town in Chicago and hanging out with catty drag queens at the Kit Kat Lounge. Dining with Madonna, Brittney, and Cher (impersonators, of course) sounds like a riot.   

Any other ideas for a fun girl's night out? Thoughts welcome. 

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