August 12, 2008

OPI's Indian Collection for your nails!

OPI came out with a Spring/Summer 2008 Collection called "India" with colors like a soft bronze called "Charmed by a Snake" or a deep blue named "Yoga-ta Get This Blue". I am not sure if the marketing peeps knew that the Taj is a mausoleum, not a church, but either way, "You Gotta Get Me to the Taj on Time" is my favorite. The Fall/Winter 2008 Collection is inspired by the French with deep burgandies and purples. Click on the title or the picture to check out the collection yourself.

Another fun beauty fact of the day: I was reading an old issue of Allure magazine and came across a beauty find for those Bollywood actresses in training (and Indian Brides!). Mehron Slim-Pro Pencils are among the darkest black kohl one can find in a pencil form. You will find it alongside white face paint and pencils in other fun colors since it was originally intended to be clown make-up. Go figure.

1 comment:

  1. isn't it crazy how little people research on things?

    i wonder if pencils like that are why the Sharmila Tagore–eyeliner style is coming back...