November 8, 2008

EEEEEKKKK!!!! 204 days to go!

I logged into site to check my to do list and realized I'm a bit behind on a few things. Here I thought I was sooo ahead of the game, but somehow I have fallen behind! I have been sidetracked by stationary and some how created extra holiday projects for myself. I am going to use the next few weeks in November to pick out bridesmaid dresses, print invitations & find a florist....oh and reserve a block of rooms for my out of town guests. AHHHHHH!!!!!!
At least I'm organized.
In other news, I recently started a new job and it's going pretty well. I also moved to the city, so that's been a bit stressful. I think Groom and I are trying to figure out how to merge our personal styles and even daily routines. Tucker and Luke have adjusted pretty well to the condo. Tucker's been protecting Luke from getting onto the balcony (we're four floors up and Luke has NO idea).
I feel better now. Thanks for listening. :)

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  1. dude, you're one of the most organized people i know. i warn you of the whining you'll hear from me when i finally get around to planning a wedding.