November 22, 2008

DIY Wedding Albums

Picaboo has come out with a flush mount leather bound wedding album. Starting at $349.99 for 20 pages; this is a pretty sweet deal. The pages are flush mount board and it lays completely flat when opened. It comes in 9 colors with 2 lines of foil stamping on the cover. There are two sizes to choose from (11 x 8.5 inches and 14 x 11 inches).  I was hoping they'd come out with something like this before next Spring as I'm making our album myself.   I can only imagine choosing my own lay out for each page and having complete creative control over one of the only tangible memories of our day.  Picaboo also has smaller albums I can order for our parents....the possibilities are endless!!! Can't wait!


  1. FYI, there are tons of places that do things like this. Try the Deluxe Hardcover album at (comes in leatherbound starting at 89.99 for 20 pages). I know someone who did this for his wedding album and was really happy with it.
    I myself use for less important events, as they're even cheaper. But for a wedding album, I'd go with good over cheap.

  2. Oh, and they also have smaller hardcovers and paperbacks, depending on what you want for your parents. And they do custom book jackets. I think I'm getting excited just talking about it.