November 15, 2011

Why Does Fall Have to be so Blah?

I get that leaves are falling, my plants are shriveling up, and the sun even sets earlier making way for winter. Fall in Illinois, like Spring, seems to last a even shorter than Kim Kardashian's marriage. A few good weekends to visit a pumpkin farm, tailgate or squeeze in a family photo shoot.

Inevitably it is a time to change up fabrics in my house- throws, blankets, drapes, etc. Then onto the little stuff- candles, scented stuff, flowers and wreaths. I am slowly building a collection of my style on our front door. At Easter I put out a store bought wreath of speckled eggs on some kind of woody twine. I sport an Americana countryish tin star on a tightly woven base for most of the summer. Halloween is time to put out a witches broom hanging from a sign. Now it is November and I had an empty door. It is too soon for winter pomegranate and magnolia leaves, so what's a girl to do?

Make something, of course! I scoured the web for inspiration and came across yarn and felt wreaths. Since I wasn't about to go out in the cold, I worked with what I had left over from baby projects that never came to fruition...the fabric bday banner or mini plush favors, and the Halloween wreath I was going to make until I found the broomstick on on super sale!

I digress. I used one ball of yarn and maybe a foot if felt. I plan to add more flowers, but who knows when that will be. In the meantime, enjoy!
I'm still getting used to the new camera.
Close up of the flower detail.

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