September 25, 2010

Baby on the Brain

Since I have Baby on the brain, I've been focusing my craftasticness on onesies, decorating the nursery, machine washable diaper changing pads and even "I Love Grandma Blankets" (one for each, of course). Here's a shot of the onesies. They are all store bought iron-ons since they are fairly easy to work with. I bought solid colored onesies from Target on clearance and found the newborn hats at JoAnn Fabrics where I also purchased the transfers. Most of them will fit Baby next Summer, but thought they'd last a bit longer than decorating newborn ones that she'll grow out of in two weeks! My next step is to design iron-ons using my computer for a more personalized wardrobe.


  1. they're all adorable! if baby is anything like her (2nd?) cousins, she'll be tiny enough to fit into these for a long time. :)

  2. haha, yes, but she's not like her cousins. She's 'average' for a Caucasian baby (translation=she's one big Indian baby!)