March 21, 2009

Invitations Sent!

I designed and made my own invitations with the help of Groom, family and friends.  I am happy to say that they're being distributed or are already in the mail. It's custom for Indian families to hand deliver invitations as a sign of respect, I think.  Plus it is a good chance to sit and visit and drink tea.  At any rate, the invitations included five pieces:

Flat Invitation Card on Luxe Cream
Flat Directions Card on Superfine White
Flat RSVP Post Card on Luxe Cream 
Flat Mendhi Card on Luxe Cream
Envelope in Luxe Cream

I used Color Block chalk stamp pads in Tangerine and Lipstick Red for the Colonial Stamp and the Henna Flower.

I didn't want an outer envelope or an RSVP envelope because it gets heavy and is quite a waste of paper.  I used Paper Source for just about everything except the henna stamp which I bought at Archiver's.  

The total cost of this project was about $250 for 150 complete sets.   Pretty sweet. 

Off to do more wedding stuff: I'll post soon about tuxes, pre-wedding parties and all that other good stuff as we get into the final stretch!

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  1. you are so creative when it comes to invitations. looks quite lovely, monika! :)